A photo of a scuba diver at with lion fish

PADI’s most popular specialty course – diving enriched air lets you safely extend your no decompression limits, which means more time underwater and shorter surface intervals – so you can get back in the water sooner!!


the deep waters, Its not as some people think, mysterious and intimidating, in fact, this course teaches you how to plan & carry out deep dives safely and confidently. From historic shipwrecks to dramatic walls, training as a deep diver opens up a whole world of exploration.

A photo of a scuba diver at night diving with moray eel
A photo of a scuba diver holding a camera and diving beside a turtle

Ever wanted to experience flying underwater? Then this is the course for you. the feelings is something all divers should feel, once you try it, you want to do it on all your dives.


Combination of natural and compass navigation. being able to find your way back to the spot where you started the dive from and re-visit interesting sites down below that you found on previous dives is a nesccary skill to learn as a diver.

A photo of two scuba divers drifting
A photo of an instructor teaching a student underwater photography

Underwater photography is one of the most popular diving specialties, and the rise of digital underwater photography has made it easier and more fun than ever. This is why there are actually two PADI underwater photography courses.


Where the past meets the present, experience the rush of excitement that few other dives can duplicate, the challenge of discovering, exploring and entering wrecks is something few divers can resist.

A photo of a scuba diver at night diving in a wreck with a lion fish
A photo of a diver wearing a dry suit in cold water

Scuba Diving can get very annoying in cold weather. Going underwater in temperatures below 15 degrees requires a special plan, Through this course, you learn how to use a Dry Suit to seal yourself off from low temperatures and enjoy a longer diving season around the world.


It’s what separates great divers from good divers, extend your bottom time, interact longer with marine life, spend longer exploring the underwater world, prolong the life of your dive gear.

A photo of a scuba diver getting out of a cave